Karato Seafood Market & Fugu: the Deadly Delicacy

Karato Market is a seafood hub in Yamaguchi Prefecture that is well known for its assorted pufferfish (fugu) offerings and other rare ocean delicacies.

Journey to Hualien

Today began our travels to Hualien, a city located on the eastern side of Taiwan. After a fancy hotel breakfast complete with an omelet, smoked salmon, and tropical fruits, we packed up for an overnight trip and left for the bus station. After much research on transportation methods between Taipei and Hualien, the best route... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Japan, Hello Taiwan!

With the Japan program completed, it was finally time for Taiwan travels with mom! Since we were both already half way across the world, I figured it was a good way to make the most of my travels and get one more country under my belt. Taiwan was selected and the Sunday after the program... Continue Reading →

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market is one of Tokyo's top places to see. Two days before I visited, a fire burned down a section of the market. However, I was lucky that most of it was still open for exploration when I arrived. There has been talk of relocation, so for those who want to see it... Continue Reading →

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