Chawan Mushi – Japanese Savory Egg Custard in the Itaki Shabuki Pot

Have you heard of Chawan Mushi, Japan's savory egg custard dish? Typically served piping hot in a small lidded bowl, Chawan Mushi is soft, juicy, and packed with flavor. Read to learn how to make you own Chawan Mushi!

Bungo Beef: Oita’s Signature Wagyu

What is Bungo Beef? Today I'm going to introduce one of Japan's premium wagyu dishes, Bungo Beef! I'm sure you've heard of Kobe Beef and wagyu before.... so how does Bungo Beef fit into the mix? A slab of Kobe Beef Simply put, wagyu (ε’Œη‰›) means Japanese cow. (ε’Œ is pronounced 'wa' and means Japanese,... Continue Reading →

Chongqing Hot Pot

Next stop on our China adventure was Chongqing! After navigating the massive airport and riding a bus for forty minutes, Mom and I arrived at Chongqing City Proper, home to more than 8.5 million residents. Given that it was noon time, our group was given 1.5 hours to roam the streets and grab a bite... Continue Reading →

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