Rickshaws in the Hutongs

Day four in China! Today we had the opportunity to visit Beijing's hutongs - narrow streets and alleyways lined by traditional courtyard residences. We made our way through the cramped streets by electric rickshaw, where unlike those in Japan that are powered by guides running on foot, these were hooked up to a nice electric... Continue Reading →

Beijing Olympic Village

"Beijing 2008, the Olympics. USA, Gold, Michael Phelps. Water Cube, Bird's Nest, Opening Ceremony of a lifetime. China, medals, athletics...." These words swirled in my mind as we headed towards the Olympic Village stationed in Beijing. As our bus neared the area, my heart leapt when I saw a monument bearing the Olympic rings in... Continue Reading →

The Great Wall of China

After such a great breakfast the day before, I was excited to make my way to the buffet a second time. I indulged in potstickers, rice porridge with condiments (congee), sweet glutinous rice balls (zongzi), and a couple of crackers with cheese. Fueled up and full, I gathered with our group in the lobby and soon... Continue Reading →

China- A New Adventure

It has been quite a while since this blog was last updated (Japan and Taiwan seem so long ago!), but I am excited to finally share my China adventures! I had planned to write about each day as I traveled throughout the country, but soon realized that it was impossible to access Google, email, photos,... Continue Reading →

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