Aizome Traditional Indigo Dyeing in Kurume

A recent visit to the Chikugo region of Kurume brought me to the steps of a workshop specializing in the production of indigo textiles. The most highly regarded products are called Kurume Kasuri which feature intricate, handcrafted, dual tone patterns. Kurume Kasuri Textiles To be considered true Kurume Kasuri (an official national handicraft of Japan),... Continue Reading →

The Art Islands of Japan: Teshima

Biking around Teshima Island Even after a jam packed day in Naoshima the day before, I woke up early once more to catch the ferry for another day of adventure. This time I was bound for Teshima, an island just east of Naoshima. The ferry ride was a little longer than to Naoshima, but soon... Continue Reading →

The Art Islands of Japan: Naoshima

Have you heard of the Art Islands of Japan? Just a Shinkansen ride away from Osaka lay a couple islands in the Seto Island Sea. Two of these islands, Naoshima and Teshima, are known for their many art museums and installations, both of which I had the opportunity to explore and adventure. Getting to Naoshima... Continue Reading →

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