Kawachi Wisteria Garden: The Most Beautiful Place to See Wisteria in Kyushu?

Kawachi Wisteria Garden: A Purple Paradise The first time I Googled Fukuoka, I saw the most incredible images of long purple flowers forming a majestic tunnel. What was this beautiful plant? Where could I see it for myself? Soon I was researching all the best places to view wisteria near Fukuoka, Kyushu... April is wisteria... Continue Reading →

Aizome Traditional Indigo Dyeing in Kurume

A recent visit to the Chikugo region of Kurume brought me to the steps of a workshop specializing in the production of indigo textiles. The most highly regarded products are called Kurume Kasuri which feature intricate, handcrafted, dual tone patterns. Kurume Kasuri Textiles To be considered true Kurume Kasuri (an official national handicraft of Japan),... Continue Reading →

Herbal Steam Bath Detox -Kannawa Mushiyu in Beppu, Oita

Following an afternoon of exploring the Beppu Hells, I decided to end the day with an herbal steam bath (mushiyu). I made my way to an ancient traditional sauna that had been in use for over 700 years! Here at Kannawa Steam Bath, I was able to relax atop a bed of fresh sekisho herbs and let the aromatic heat wash the day away. The entire experience was highly relaxing and different than any other I had done before. This kind of herbal steam bath is a must try for anyone visiting Beppu!

Biking Around Sakurajima: A Complete Guide

Sakurajima is the iconic symbol of Kagoshima and is a great place to visit as it is just a short ferry ride away. When I visited, I rented a bike and explored the 36km (22m) perimeter of the island in a challenging yet fulfilling adventure.

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