Chawan Mushi – Japanese Savory Egg Custard in the Itaki Shabuki Pot

Have you heard of Chawan Mushi, Japan's savory egg custard dish? Typically served piping hot in a small lidded bowl, Chawan Mushi is soft, juicy, and packed with flavor. Read to learn how to make you own Chawan Mushi!

Unique and Fun Stationery to Buy in Japan

Japanese Stationery Supplies In case you didn't know, Japanese stationery rocks! Compact, cute, and clever... these characteristics describe almost every item in the stationery aisle, and let me just say - it's a real challenge refraining from buying it all. Maybe that should be an Olympic Sport 😂. Since I've started to gather a nice... Continue Reading →

Giving Customs in Japan

Today in class we learned the grammar patterns for giving and receiving items. To illustrate these different scenarios, my teacher taught to us about different holidays and situations in Japan where gifts are exchanged. It was really interesting to hear about these traditions and customs so I wanted to share what I learned! 2/14 -... Continue Reading →

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