Kakigoya (Oyster Huts): A Fukuoka Winter Specialty

A poem about my first Kakigoya (oyster hut) experience.

First weekend with host family,

driving around- lots of shrines to see.

An afternoon stop by the ocean shore,

to a small food stand – seafood galore.

How to fight the biting chill?

With fresh oysters on a flaming grill.

Newly equipped with a safety glove,

cooking up morsels for all to love.

Juices bubble, boil, and steam,

dipped in ponzu – a wonderful team.

A little messy – no napkins around,

empty shells in a discarded mound.

Smelling  like charcoal the rest of the day,

a tiny price I’m willing to pay.

Belly warmed by the fresh seafood,

smiling, happy, in a good mood.

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