National Palace Museum & Elephant Mountain

I woke up at 9:00 am and couldn’t believe that it was already time to start the day. I was so groggy and tired from the past day’s adventures that the idea of more sleep was extremely appealing. Nevertheless, with only 2 more full days left of Taiwan, it was time to rally and explore... Continue Reading →

Taroko National Park

Today was planned around a guided tour of Taroko National Park, home of, and named after the famous Taroko Gorge. We started off the morning with a hearty Taiwanese breakfast of hot noodles with beef and pan fried turnip cakes covered in hoisin sauce. The noodles were good, but I wished the turnip cakes had... Continue Reading →

Journey to Hualien

Today began our travels to Hualien, a city located on the eastern side of Taiwan. After a fancy hotel breakfast complete with an omelet, smoked salmon, and tropical fruits, we packed up for an overnight trip and left for the bus station. After much research on transportation methods between Taipei and Hualien, the best route... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Japan, Hello Taiwan!

With the Japan program completed, it was finally time for Taiwan travels with mom! Since we were both already half way across the world, I figured it was a good way to make the most of my travels and get one more country under my belt. Taiwan was selected and the Sunday after the program... Continue Reading →

Island Waters

I quickly found out that my host family loved water activities and I was thrilled to join them on a few boating and snorkeling adventures. The first time we went out was during the evening after the last day of class. We drove to Ginowan Port just as the sun was setting below the horizon.... Continue Reading →

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